we bring leadership to CBS.

It is our aim to bridge the gap between the academic and business life and in order to do so, we connect students to leading professionals and give them first hand knowledge about industry news and challenges. Our speakers and partnerships are exclusively chosen to reflect current industry trends and to accommodate mutual interests of the students as well as the speakers.


here is what our speakers have to say…

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“It was a pleasure to experience a group of engaged and inquisitive ‘Digital Natives’ and taking part in forming and discussing their view on management and strategy in a digital and changeable world. The direct contact and straight forward discussion made it a pleasure to participate in.”


- Nicolai Hesdorf
Partner & Nordic Lead | Monitor Deloitte 


“It was an absolute pleasure to be invited to CBS Talks and share some of the knowledge I have gained throughout my career and talk about the journey of DSV. That really inspired me as well.

 On behalf of our company, I am happy and proud, that we have come to a position where we can now deliver on knowledge and inspire students – something I think is very important for us as a company. How our company has grown and what have worked for us is a fun and interesting story for me to tell and the students of CBS brought an engaged and  interesting dialogue.”

- Jens Bjørn Andersen


“It is was a great pleasure to speak about digital transformation and leadership at CBS Talks. I really enjoy the enthusiasm and curiosity from the students. In Microsoft, we want to move the mindset from know it all to learn it all, which the new generation is much better at”

- Marianne Dahl Steensen
CEO Microsoft Denmark & Iceland